Machine Integration with MineOrder

MineOrder can integrate with your machines
MineOrder is not only a Point of Sale system for businesses that are selling physical products, but much more. We are able to integrate with any machine that is currently accepting payments. Contactless payments are the way of the future.
At MineOrder, we’ve built our system with the idea that people shouldn’t have to touch anything other than their own phones to be able to pay for something. Extra hardware is expensive.
If you own one of the following types of businesses, and want MineOrder to allow your customers to pay for your services while having a contactless payment experience make sure to contact us below. With less hardware, you'll save big.
No touch vending machines

Using MineOrder technology, it's possible to collect payment for items sold without customers having to touch the machine, or to pay for extra hardware. The customer scans the code, chooses what they want in the MineOrder app, and the item drops down for them to retrieve.

No touch parking meters

With the MineOrder technology, it's possible for customers to pay for parking without touching the meter. Once the amount of time is paid for, the machine will print the receipt to display in their vehicle if necessary.

No touch gas pumps payment

Gas pumps can receive contactless payments with MineOrder. Customers can scan the pump code, choose the type of fuel, pay for it, and begin refueling.

Toll booths

Imagine you could go through a toll booth by simply scanning the code as you drive by, pay and the bar raises? It's possible with MineOrder technology.

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