MineOrder Contactless Point of Sale System

Unlock the potential of a cloud based Point of Sale System
Imagine a Point of Sale system that was portable. A cloud based POS system means that you don’t need to have any expensive hardware to accept payments and transactions.
No terminals, no monitors, no hand held payment processors, no paper, no monthly subscription to software. MineOrder allows customers to place orders from your business by scanning your store code or accessing your products and services in a mobile app.
The customer chooses what they want to buy from you, places their order, pays for it, and you get a notification that there’s been a transaction and a payment has been received.
What if the customer doesn't have the MineOrder app?
Use the app as a stand alone point of sale system
It's simple to use MineOrder as your point of sale system directly from the mobile app. Here's how it works:
  • Take your customers's order face to face or by phone call by using the MineOrder app.
  • Search for what you're selling or offering in the app, or scan your product barcodes using the in-app scanner.
  • Add the products or services to checkout in the app, and accept your customers' payment on your third-party payment terminal.
  • Save the payment details into the app.
  • Print your customers' receipt to your bluetooth printer from the app.
  • Keep track of all your sales on the MineOrder website.
Take orders remotely

Foot traffic customers can order from the outside of your store by scanning your unique store QR code placed in customer view. They can order from their own homes, or from their cars in the parking lot.

Save money on hardware and software

There is no monthly fee with MineOrder. Because there is no physical terminal, you don't need any software or hardware to operate your business, saving you tons of money.

Talk directly to your customers

Customers can place orders in the mobile app, checkout, pay, and send you a message with specific details about their order. You can reply back to them letting them know that their order is ready to go.

Increase Sales

Customers can order and checkout from outside your store, and inside by themselves. This makes lineups to get into the store, and to checkout seamless, and also allows you to sell more quickly.

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