Set up Sales Processing

Set up Sales Processing
Your business can choose to complete transactions in the following ways:
  • Process Immediately
  • Review first, then complete
  • Receive, prepare, complete

MineOrder will default to processing the sales that you make immediately. If you want to change this, click this button:

Here are your options for processing orders:

  • Process Immediately: These transactions will be processed immediately after the customer completes the checkout in the Mine Order App. Customer receives a receipt immediately.

    Ex: Businesses that have in-store shopping and don’t need to review transactions
  • Review first, then complete: These transactions must be processed manually by the merchant before issuing the receipt to the customer.

    Ex: Businesses where a payment received must be reviewed by the merchant first before issuing a receipt
  • Receive, prepare, complete: These orders are received by the merchant, sent to another department to process, then returned to the merchant to complete.

    Ex: After the customer completes checking out from the Mine Order App, the merchant will receive the order, prepare it, and send the customer a notification through the mobile App when the order is ready. The customer can then receive their order (through delivery, curbside pickup, or in-store).