Product List

Product List

To access to all of your businesses products or service list, go to Your account, then My Products

  1. To search for a specific product that you've already created, type in the product name or code in the  Search box and click Search
  2. What is Barcode Scanning and Menu listing?

    • Barcode scanning is used for businesses whose products are already barcoded (toothpaste, vitamin C,etc). The product code/barcode is required to be filled in when you add a product, if you select this option.

    • Menu listing is used for the businesses who don't use barcodes to identify their products/services as the product code (coffee, grass cutting, restaurant menus). The product code is not required if you select this option. 

    • Both Barcode and Menus can be used for selecting products/services to checkout using the MineOrder App. The product code is required if you select this option.

  3. To Add/Upload your products to MineOrder:

    • Click Add Product
    • For more information about Uploading Products/Services, click here

  4. To Edit/Update your product/services

    • Click Edit
    • Update the changes
    • Click Submit

  5. To Remove/Delete a product

    • Click Delete button
    • Click Delete button on the dialog to confirm