How to Create QR Codes

How to Create QR Codes
Create store QR codes

Log into your MineOrder business account and go to your Retail Management section - My QR Codes

Step 1

  • + Add a QR
  • Click on Generate (you don't have to remember these numbers and letters)
  • Enter 1234
  • Choose from the dropdown list
  • Click Submit

    Step 2
  • Display Area Field - Enter where you will display this code (outside of store for customers to scan, inside store, on a basket, cart)
  • Details Field - Enter details to where this will be displayed to let other managers/employees know where the code goes (front door window, east side wall)

  • Status Field - Set the status to Available (code is live) or Not Available (code is not active, use it for later)

  • Used at Field - Choose which of your locations or businesses/services this code will be used at

  • New PIN Field - Change the PIN for the new code

  • Confirm New PIN Field - Enter the new PIN you've chosen again

  • Save

You'll get a confirmation email that you've created a new code and that it has been activated and ready to use for your customer