Entrance Scan QR Code

Entrance Scan QR Code

You can keep your contact tracing simple and organized using MineOrder. Here's how:


  1. By now, you should've already created a QR code for your business. If you haven't,  go see how to do that here - Getting started with QR Codes

  2. Once you've created your store QR code, you don't have to create another one specific for contact tracing. The one code that you create can be used for shoppers to access your products/services and to keep tract of visits. Also, if you create multiple codes for different sections of your business, these will work for contact tracing as well

  3. In your Account section go to My QR Codes

  4. Under the Action section you'll see Entrance QR

  5. Click on Entrance QR and a template will be generated for you to print and display at the entrance of your business

  6. Customers will scan the code from their phone camera (if they don't have the MineOrder App) of will scan from the App if they have it

  7. Customers that don't have the app will be directed to a webform to fill in with information that you need

  8. Customers that scan the code with the MineOrder App won't have to fill out any info. It will already be saved in the app

  9. All of your Visit Reports can be accessed in your Account section on mineorder.com