Getting Started with Sales Orders

Getting Started with Sales Orders

What are Sales Orders?

A sales order is a commercial document (prepared by a seller and issued to a customer) that confirms the sale of goods or services. The document contains details about the sale, including the quantity, quality, and price of any goods or services exchanged.

It can also cover things like delivery date, delivery address, payment method, etc. A sales order is an internal document -- generated by the vendor and kept on record. This allows companies to keep track of the orders they fulfill.

Your sales orders in MineOrder are organized in your Retail Management section of your business account. In this area, you'll find the following information:

  1. Order Number (each order is alloted a generated number)
  2. Date/Time of the transaction (including the status of the order)
  3. Process (specific customer and the business the order is alloted to)
  4. Payment Status (paid, unpaid, etc)
  5. Action
  • If you've chosen to process your sales immediately, the Action will remain blank
  • If you've chosen to process your sales for Review First, then Complete, you will have to process the sale by clicking the Set Complete button
  • If you've chosen to Receive, Prepare, Complete, then you'll have to process this sale by clicking the Set Complete button

Here is some more information on how to choose the best processing method for your business:

  • Process Immediately: These transactions will be processed immediately after the customer completes the checkout in the MineOrder App. Customer receives a receipt immediately.

    Ex: Businesses that have in-store shopping and don’t need to review transactions

  • Review first, then complete: These transactions must be processed manually by the merchant before issuing the receipt to the customer.

    Ex: Businesses where a payment received must be reviewed by the merchant first before issuing a receipt

  • Receive, prepare, complete: These orders are received by the merchant, sent to another department to process, then returned to the merchant to complete.

    Ex: After the customer completes checking out from the MineOrder App, the merchant will receive the order, prepare it, and send the customer a notification through the mobile App when the order is ready. The customer can then receive their order (through delivery, curbside pickup, or in-store).