So many ways to order

Offer more than traditional ordering channels
Your customers are now looking for different ways to access your products and services. MineOrder allows them to do this in a few ways. Not everyone wants to order online only. Why not offer a few different alternatives for your customers to access your products and services?
Curbside Ordering

Foot traffic customers can order from the outside of your store by scanning your unique store QR code placed in customer view. They can order from their own homes, or from their cars in the parking lot.

Table side Ordering

Display your store code on a table in your restaurant and customers can order directly from there and pay. You'll receive a notification that there's been an order, and you can send them a message that their order is ready to be picked up. No extra human resources necessary.

In Store Ordering

Display your store code on a wall or checkout area and customers can scan the code in the MineOrder app to access your products and services. You'll receive an immediate notification that a particular customer has made a purchase, you verify, and they leave happy. All contactless.

At Home Ordering

Customers can access your online store from within the MineOrder app. Once they checkout an purchase what they need, you'll receive a confirmation of a sale, and that it is ready to be processed by you. You can then communicate with the customer on when the order will be ready for pick up, delivery, or curbside.

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