Operate your entire business from one app

In one powerful, free mobile app, your business gets:
A POS system, an online store, business management tools, marketing tools, and omnichannel ordering solutions
What is MineOrder?
Imagine a single mobile app that did everything for your business and your customers?
MineOrder is a multi layered app that allows businesses to operate using one platform. It incorporates business management tools with self-checkout features for customers.
All-in-one solution
MineOrder has merged the business and customer digital experience together. When your business uses MineOrder, you get a seamless experience for you and your customers.
Contactless Point of Sale
Imagine a Point of Sale system that was portable. A cloud based POS system means that you don’t need to have any expensive hardware. No terminals, no monitors, no hand held payment processors, no paper, no monthly subscription to software.
Online Store
MineOrder takes care of your online presence and your Ecommerce. When you upload your products to MineOrder, we’ll build your store automatically for you, no charge.
Business management tools
MineOrder offers different ways for you to gain customer loyalty by offering great incentives. Included in the app are marketing tools that help you make promo codes, discounts, and can offer a rewards program.
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Omnichannel Ordering
Your customers are now looking for a way to order your products in different ways. Omnichannel order fulfillment at MineOrder allows them to do this in a few ways.
Integrate easily with your
inventory software
MineOrder is enticing for merchants and consumers. If you're already using an inventory software, we can work with you to integrate easily.
Integrate with your
Imagine no touch payments for vending machines, toll booths, ticket kiosks, or gas pumps? MineOrder can intergrate with your machines.
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