MineOrder Online Store

We build it for you!
Worrying about setting up an online store and Ecommerce is not something that we want you to do. When you upload your products to MineOrder, we’ll build your store automatically for you, no charge.
When a customer wants to order from you, they’ll visit your store online and order in the mobile app. If you’ve put certain items for sale, they’ll see those too.
We build it for you

We'll do the heavy lifting for you. Once you upload your products and services to MineOrder, we'll set up an online store for you right away. Customers can immediately begin to shop from your store in the MineOrder app.

Get digital quickly

Finding the right way to get your business online can be expensive. MineOrder has no monthly fees and is free to use. Once you get your products and services uploaded, you can begin to track sales, and begin to communicate with your customers to take orders in-store, online, for delivery, or for curb side pick up.

Discounts, promo codes, rewards

MineOrder offers different ways for you to gain customer loyalty by offering great incentives. Making product discounts, sending out promo codes, and having a customer rewards program easy!

Customers can order from anywhere

Once you get set up with MineOrder, your customers have many ways to access your products and services. They can scan a code in store, from outside, or get access online. Offering multiple ways to purchase puts more money into your business.

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