At Mine, we understand the importance of adapting to our new way of living. We want you to be safe, help keep our economy going, support well established businesses, and help small businesses reopen under a new way of doing business.

The Mine team is dedicated to improving experiences for people who have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. We are three entrepreneurs who have come together to help the best way that we know how - through creativity and the ability to produce a product that helps all of us. We are shoppers and business owners who understand that there is a new way of doing things.

Mine offers a new way to shop - through contactless checkout. Contactless checkout means that you can checkout on your own - with your phone - and solves many problems including social distancing, keeping frontline workers in retail safe, and a quicker turn over time for your shopping trips.

With Mine, you can do all of this and more. Scan the store code with our app, scan all barcodes, checkout, pay in the app, show your digital receipt to a customer service person, and leave.

The MINE team


Jordan Hart is the co-founder and CEO of Mine Technologies. Jordan sets the company’s strategy to provide users with a contactless checkout while shopping, and to provide businesses with a simple solution for their customers. Jordan is also the CEO and co-founder of Clique Education, a platform that allows parents and teachers to connect, unite, and empower one another. He received his bachelor's degree from Brock University, and his Bachelors of Education from the University of Windsor. Jordan is passionate about providing new experiences for Mine customers and businesses that change the way we shop and sell retail.

Phi Nguyen

Phi Nguyen is the co-founder and CTO of Mine Technologies. Phi is an experienced, hands-on software engineer involved in the construction, design, and implementation of service-oriented architectures and distributed systems. He has been in the software industry since 2001 and has significant experience and expertise in web applications, integrations and large-scale system architectures. Phi is passionate about supplying safer contactless shopping solutions for retail businesses and shoppers. Phi has a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering and an MBA.