One mobile app that allows customers a contactless checkout and payment experience

Imagine being able to be in a store and checkout on your own?
MineOrder is a new way to shop and buy the things that you need - safely and contact free. With the MineOrder app, you get to be in control of how you shop, how close you get to someone during checkout, and the speed at which you enter and leave the store.
MineOrder allows you to take back some control and enhance your shopping experience. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, groceries, or heading to the convenience store, you can use the MineOrder app to stay a good distance away from the bottleneck and lineups while you checkout alone, from your own phone.
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Using the MineOrder app is easy
Enter virtually into the business

Scan the store unique QR code posted outside or inside of the store to access their products and services. Find what you need by scanning barcodes in the app or choosing from a menu list.

Add items to your cart

If you have any special requests, you can communicate in the MineOrder app during checkout. You can also apply your promo code, discount, or rewards toward your purchase. Once you review your order, proceed to checkout.

Checkout autonomously

Once you checkout, the business will receive a notification that you've purchased something. They can communicate with you that your item is ready for pickup, delivery, or curbside.

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